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The site is a magnificent farm within walking distance of the historic centre of Tomar. The main house, located on a small hill at the geometric centre of the farm, linked to a chapel and a warehouse, is surrounded by a dense ring of large trees and an olive grove.

The project consists of a guest house and an outdoor pool, connected to the main house.

A wall grid underlines an ancient path situated on a slight ridge line characterised by a sparse line of cypresses, while supporting a pergola wrapped in plants that covers a space for six cars. The exterior walls of the guest house, taken after the nature of the new grid wall, confine a living room, a small kitchen and an alcove. The house opens up to the olive grove, overlooking it as a “casa de fresco”. The pool breaks away from the house to be inserted in the gentle slope, surrounded by the olive grove and by high grid walls defining a room with no ceiling.


Design Team:

Architecture: José Neves

Collaborators: Rui Sousa Pinto, Jaime Barbosa, Maria Vladimira

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