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The project was based on two difficult circumstances: the site of the restaurant-charcuterie - a shopping mall, organized into one broad and extensive corridor - and the client's purpose to associate directly the design of the restaurant with the regional origin of products to be sold and consumed there.

A dark tunnel was built and was coated - floor and walls - with granite plates from Pinhel mountain.

The charcuterie counter, covered by a metal grid placed at a low height, for hanging hams and cheese, conceals the dining room from the "perpetual spring" (Baudrillard) of the shopping mall.

The kitchen, visible at the back of the room, is a concavity coated with dark blue handmade tiles, and the sink, exposed in the center of the room, is a carved block of lioz limestone.

The dark softened granite, the slate, the kambala plywood, the tiles and the black iron placard contrast with the brightness of materials and the colourful advertisements from neighbouring shops.


Design Team:

Architecture: José Neves and Francisco Freire

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