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Located 2km from the city of Ílhavo, the site – a flat abandoned agricultural field – was meant to be the centre of a municipal plan that determined the settlement of little lots to be occupied with suburban nondescript single-family dwellings. We used to joke, saying that it was as if the site where Roger Thornhill is attacked by a crop-duster, in the movie North by Northwest, by Hitchcock, had been taken over for a real estate transaction.

As a point of reference for the new place, we proposed a garden surrounding the new school. The single-storey main building of the school is situated in the middle of the garden, being heterogeneous in its internal density and unified externally by a gallery all around. We called it garden pavilion. This pavilion organizes all the parts of the school, each relating to different spaces, while defining outdoor spaces qualified for recreation and study – the geography of the garden..

Design Team:

Architecture: Vitor Figueiredo and José Neves.

Collaborators: Ana Vicente, Rui Leão; Paulo Barreto, Paulo Veloso (models)

Awards and Nominations:

2nd Prize in the Design Competition Limited by Pre-Qualification for the Basic School – Eb 2,3, Ílhavo, Aveiro

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