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This is a pre-selection public competition in which the adjacent area to the site chosen for the School of Music with the Mendes Silva Avenue, one of the busiest and noisiest routes into the city of Coimbra, was assumed by us from the beginning as the main circumstance to address.

As the first step of the project, a platform raised slightly from the ground offers to the pedestrians to look past the motorway. At the heart of the school, built upon the platform, there is a patio to which all the rooms open up, being protected from the ambient noise. The ring-shaped building is a result of rooms acoustically suited for music teaching, giving rise to a public building with a pronounced urban presence. The Auditoriums are situated in the vicinity of the existent Municipal Theatre Workshop, culminating the new tree lined promenade that links the whole.


Design Team:

Architecture: José Neves and João Pernão.

Collaborators: Joana Bastardo; Vasco Melo; Bernardo Pimentel, Hugo Ribeiro; João Charrua (models); Maria Vladimira, Miguel Abecasis e Ricardo Borges (graphic modelling).

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