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The Azurém campus, designed by the architect Bartolomeu Costa Cabral, located northwest of the historic centre of Guimarães - classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site - imposes its presence over a territory still with rural characteristics. The site set for the School of Architecture on a hillside discreetly overlooking the campus and with a privileged view of the surrounding landscape, the Penha Hill and the Castle, kept untouched paths, retaining land granite walls, alignments of trees and an admirable oak forest.

The shape of the building, satisfying the assumptions of the campus growth plan, at the same time take full advantage of the topography of the slope and its characterizing features: the classrooms, placed along the ridge line, are organized as points of a route towards the centennial oak forest; the amphitheatres wing, coated in granite stone, reassembles fragments of existing walls, setting the path outside the school; the shell shaped square of the school, defined by the wing containing the reception administrative spaces, extends the central square into the plan and draw it into a courtyard at the site where once there was a clearing.


Design Team:

Architecture: José Neves and Francisco Freire  

Collaborators: Ana Vicente; Paulo Barreto (models)


3rd Prize in the Design Competition Limited by Pre-Qualification for the Minho University’s School of Architecture


Edifício da Escola de Arquitectura da Universidade do Minho, in Jornal Arquitectos, nº 168/169, 1996, p. 61

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