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The Technical University of Lisbon campus plan, at Alto da Ajuda, envisaged a core of row collective housing on the valley of the Rio Seco, defining an inner square. The program required, unusually, that the Rectorate building should respect the shape and dimensions of the plan for collective housing.

All the spaces were organized entirely inside the shape provided by the plan - one wing containing the social action department, and the other containing the administrative services – with the auditorium as an exception, as it is inserted on the planned Square, pointing to the Tejo river in the distance and becoming a presence generating public spaces that qualify the square as a urban plaza.

Design Team:

Architecture: José Neves

Collaborators: Rita Dourado, Catarina Braga Simão; Tiago Jorge (graphic modelling); Paulo Barreto (models)

Awards and Nominations:

4th Prize in the Public Competition for the Project of the Rectorate and Social Welfare Services of the Technical University of Lisbon

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