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These are stage designs for two plays by António Calpi, shown at Armazém do Ferro. The room, located at the "boqueirões" area in Lisbon, is an old locksmith warehouse with a exposed structure of concrete pillars covered with a gable roof.

"Dançai Todos" is a play in two parts, one by António Calpi and the other by the actress Luz da Câmara. Everything happens inside a house. A chair, a table and a wall are dematerialized, reflecting, multiplying and lighting from inside.

"Tetaro" is a play staged by Leonaldo de Almeida and is composed by three monologues taken from "Caligula", by Albert Camus, "Richard III", by Shakespeare / Carmelo Benne and "Becket", by Jean Anhouil. In this case, the setting is a wall made of brass with open slots through which the actor enters and leaves the stage. Its surface was transformed through the lighting in order to adapt to the different parts of the play, unifying it.


Design Team:

Scenography: José Neves

Collaborators: Rui Sousa Pinto (Tetaro) e Paulo Barreto (models and construction)

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